We are Eric M. Scott and David R. Modler, better known as the Journal Fodder Junkies.

Since 2005, the Journal Fodder Junkies have been on a mission to connect people with their artistic potential and to cultivate their creativity.



We are artists and educators dedicated to bringing the power of art and the visual journal to all who seek it. We make art. We teach workshops. We share our passion for art and for teaching with others at a wide range of venues, from state and national education conferences to private art studios, from popular art retreats to local school systems.

Creativity is an innate ability, but we all can use help in connecting to it!

Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work.
— Chuck Close


  •  Art and Soul Workshops - Portland, Oregon - March 2018

  • Cecil County Public Schools Professional Development Workshop - North East, Maryland - November 2018

  • Virginia Art Education Association Fall Conference Presentations - November 2018

  • Larkin Arts Workshop - Harrisonburg, Virginia - April 2018 & 2017

  • Harford County Public Schools Professional Development Workshop - Bel Air, Maryland - March 2018 & August 2017

  • National Art Education Association Convention Presentations - Seattle, March 2018

  • Arkansas Art Educators, Keynote Presentation - Little Rock, AR - November 2017

  • Maui Arts and Cultural Center Summer Institute for Teachers - Kahului, Hawaii - June 2017

  • 310 ART Workshop - Asheville, Virginia - May, 2017

  • Chestnut Creek School of the Arts Workshops - Galax, Virginia, March, 2017

  • Art Ed Now, National Online Conference Presentation - February 2017

  • Frederick County Public Schools Professional Development Workshop - Frederick, Maryland - February 2017

  • Colorado Art Education Association, Keynote Presentation - Breckenridge, Colorado - November 2016

  • Florida Art Education Associations, Keynote Presentation - Naples, Florida, October 2016