Monster Rocks Project - The Gift of Art

Welcome to the Monster Rocks Project!

The Monster Rocks Project was begun by Eric M. Scott of the Journal Fodder Junkies in November 2017 as a way to connect with others and to spread joy through the gift of art. The idea is simple: these fun and adorable hand-painted monsters are meant as simple gifts to brighten your day and bring a little joy.


If you'd like to participate and receive your own Monster Rock, sign up below, and Eric will send you one soon.

That’s it! No cost. No strings. No shenanigans. Just a simple gift of Monster Joy. If you like, you can pay the gift back, or better yet, pay the gift forward by painting your own Monster Rock and gifting it!

Of course, if you'd like to contribute to help cover costs, click the Contribute button below. All proceeds will go to buy more rocks and more paint, and to cover shipping and mailing fees.

Please note that the Monster Rocks Project can only ship to US addresses only, and that only one Monster Rock can be shipped per physical address or email address. Please do not sign up other people. If you want others to have the gift of Monster Rocks, please see below.

Do you want to help spread the joy and the awesomeness of Monster Rocks?

Then create your own unique and amazing Monster Rocks, and become a part of the Monster Rock Project! Just get your own rocks, paint them with durable acrylic paint, and give them away to other people.

It’s that easy! And if you're a teacher, the Monster Rocks Project is a great community service project for the classroom!

Just remember that the Monster Rocks are always given as a gift and never sold. You can exchange them with someone for a gift in return, but they are always given in the hope of spreading joy and bringing a smile.

Follow along on social media, and don't forget to share your own adventures with the Monster Rocks Project! We'd love to see the monster love!

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If you'd like to help with the Monster Rocks, 100% of proceeds go into funding the project! Contribute below.



Receiving a Monster Rock from the Monster Rock Project

How much do they cost?
There is no cost or fee to receive a hand painted rock from the Monster Rock Project. Just sign up, and one will randomly be picked and shipped to you. All materials costs and shipping fees are paid by the Project. However, if you’d like to contribute, please click the Contribute button above.

Where do you ship the Monster Rocks?
As of this time, Monster Rocks can only be shipped within the United States due to international shipping costs.

How long will it take to receive my Monster Rock after I sign up?
Due to the overwhelming response to the project, it may take several months for you to receive your Monster Rock. It's just Eric in his studio hand painting the rocks, and it's just taking a while to get through the backlog of requests, so please be patient.

What do I do after I receive my Monster Rock?
Place Monster Rocks anywhere you’ll see them frequently. They’re great reminders of simple joy and fun. They are perfect as paper weights, flower pot decorations, or widow sill sitters. If you’d like to sit them outside, you may want to seal them with a durable clear sealer that can withstand the elements? And share to social media, and help spread the monster joy!

Creating your own Monster Rocks

What kinds of rocks can I use?
You can use any kind of rock, stone, or pebble, but smoother, more even rocks work best. The Monster Rocks Project uses Mexican beach pebbles.

Where do I find rocks?
You can simply get your rocks from your yard or anywhere outside, but if you’re looking to get them in bulk, home improvement stores and garden centers often sell landscaping rocks that are perfect for painting. If you need a smaller amount, crafts stores often sell smooth pebbles and rocks for decoration purposes. Just make certain to wash and dry any rock before painting.

What type of paint do I use?
Acrylic paint is the best. Since it turns to plastic when dry, it is durable and long lasting. Any type of acrylic paint will work. The Monster Rocks Project uses high quality, professional artist acrylic, but inexpensive acrylic craft paint can work as well. Just be aware that some colors are transparent, and may require multiple coats.

Do I seal the Monster Rock once I am done painting?
You can use a clear sealer once the rock has been painted. This will make the paint more durable, but it’s not always necessary. It may be a good idea if you use a thinner, lower-quality paint, and you definitely want to seal it if they’ll be outside.

Can I add other things like yarn, ribbon, or googly eyes to my Monster Rock?
The Monster Rocks Project only uses paint for the rocks that are gifted, but you can add any kind of decoration or material to your rock once it’s painted. Just make certain to use a good adhesive to attach anything extra.

Do I have to make a monster?
You can make whatever you want, and if the Monster Rocks Project has inspired you, that’s awesome. But to truly be part of the Monster Rocks Project, yes it has to be a monster. The great thing is that there’s such versatility with monsters. Let your imagination go wild. Of course there are classic monsters like mummies, vampires, and werewolves, but creating your own unique monster can be so much fun.

What do I do with my Monster Rock once it’s completed?
Give it away. Monster Rocks are always given as a gift and never sold. You can exchange them with someone for a gift in return, but they are always intended as a simple gift of joy.

Can I do this with children?
Yes! The Monster Rocks Project is a great project for children whether you’re a parent or a teacher. Just remember that the spirit of the project is to give the finished rocks as a gift. Perhaps exchange them with other children, or give them to the neighbors. If you’re a teacher, you can partner with a nearby school or assisted living community and turn it into an awesome community service project.