Downloads and Freebies

Here you will find a variety of video presentations and free downloads to use for yourself, your students, or your friends.


Video Presentations

We have created a series of Video Presentations based on our popular presentations at the National Art Education Association’s annual convention. These videos are geared toward art educators, but are perfect for anyone seeking free professional development or some general information about visual journals and other topics. A new video will be released each month.

An Introduction to the Journal Fodder Junkies


Eric and David introduce themselves, and talk about how they met and how they got started in the visual journal. They discuss how the visual journal has impacted their lives and their art, and they go into some depth about what a visual journal is and how it differs from a traditional sketchbook.

VISUAL JOURNALS 101: A Crash Course
Coming FEBRUARY 2019

Eric and David dive deeper into what the visual journal is, how to get started, and what themes might be explored in it.



This pdf contains examples of seven basic watercolor techniques.

Watercolor Pencil

This pdf contains examples of six basic watercolor pencil techniques.


Eric's Rules

This jpeg is image of the rules Eric made to remind himself to make art.

Permission and Initiative

Many people seem to be waiting for someone else to give them the go ahead to make art. Print out this PDF for inspirational prints and cards to grant yourself the permission and intiative you've been waiting for.


Change Tutorial

This visual journal tutorial walks you through the steps Eric took when creating a two-page spread all about "Change." If you every wondered how to get richly layered, meaningful pages, this is a good place to start.